About us

How many times have you tried on that outfit that you absolutely love, yet end up putting back simply because you don't have the right bra?

The right bra that is suitable for a for backless/strapless dress, low-cut top, or even swimsuit, simply does not exist!

You don't need to keep buying and spending money on different bras for your favourite outfits.

Say goodbye to silicone bras that are filled with chemicals and non-biodegradable material.

And, HELLO to BOOBOU Tape!

We wanted to find an all inclusive solution to this problem, that would fit every bust and match a variety of skin tones.

We all know every woman looks her best when she’s confident & happy. For that reason, we have researched, trialed and tested many different samples and materials to find you the most effective one.

Boobou Tape is an instant breast lift that is extremely comfortable and easy to use - making it a breeze to wear all those strapless, backless & low-cut outfits (even swimwear). Boobou Tape is strong enough to give you amazing support & cleavage with comfort that will last for hours and hours.

It may sound strange, or think it may be uncomfortable? Or, perhaps not appealing at all?

But, let me tell you, it is in fact super easy to apply and very effective!
It has been designed with a slight stretch to move with your body and give you just the right amount of support. Our roll design makes it easy for you to customize the look and support you desire, and offering 3 different skin tone shades, it will remain completely undetectable.

Featuring a 5m roll, it will last you multiple uses, depending on your bust size and needs. designed to give you that extra lift, whole keeping you firmly in place all day (or evening) long. We use a medical grade tape which is hypoallergenic & specifically designed with Skin-Sticky Technology, Hypoallergenic, Special Cotton Medical Fabric & Adhesive.

The best part, it is made from all natural cotton medical fabric: Eco-friendly, recyclable & super durable. It will give your breasts the perfect lift, shape and support. Literally, the Only Tape that holds up to G(DDDD) Cup.

Lastly, we want to give back to society, which is why we decided to donate $1 dollar to a selected charity from every purchase.